New Address

September 16, 2009

My address has changed. You can now find my blog at



Counting My Blessings

September 15, 2009

I had a complete break down today. It’s getting close to my time of the month, I’m hormonal and just feeling like I can’t deal with the pressures of my day. I cried. It felt really good to cry. I threw the schedule out the window today and just took my day easy. When my dear hubby came home he allowed me to take a nap for a couple hours. While I was sleeping he went out and got a pizza for dinner. Today was definitely a good day to not have to cook. It was a good day for pizza. I have such a great supportive family. I’m truly blessed.

9-15-09_breakfast 9-15-09_dinner

My Daily Points Target = 32
Total points spent = 32
Breakfast:  1/4 cantaloupe and toast with jam = 4 points
Lunch: = 0 points
Dinner: pizza = 28 points (I think)


My Hubby Bakes

September 14, 2009

I skipped breakfast today. My morning just wasn’t going normal. For lunch I enjoyed a meal with my dear hubby. My parent’s took the boys for the day. It was great to spend some quiet alone time together.


Clayton made us each some tea while I roasted potatoes and grilled a tomato sandwich. We finished lunch off with a side salad.

  • roasted potatoes = 4 points
  • grilled tomato sandwich = 6 points
  • side salad = 1 point
  • tea = 2 points

Total = 13 points

9-14-09_dinner 9-14-09_snack

Our family played Chinese Checkers during dinner. Dinner was a peanut butter and banana sandwich and macaroni and cheese. My husband baked chocolate cookies for dessert. They were yummy!

  • peanut butter & banana sandwich = 6 points
  • macaroni and cheese = 7 points
  • 3 cookies = 9 point

Total = 22 points

As promised, here are pictures of me wearing the new outfit I bought yesterday. Size 24 jeans and a 3x top.

9-14-09_me1 9-14-09_me2

I didn’t go to the gym today as I had hoped. Tomorrow is the start of The Biggest Loser: OFB Style! Challenge. I thought since miles logged today on the treadmill wouldn’t count towards the challenge I should just wait till tomorrow. No excuses tomorrow though! I will head to the gym.

My Daily Points Target = 32
Total points spent = 35
Breakfast:  = 0 points
Lunch: potatoes, tomato sandwich, tea & salad = 13 points
Dinner: peanut butter & banana sandwich, macaroni & cheese = 13 points
Snack: 3 cookies = 9 points


A Much Needed Girls Day

September 13, 2009

9-13-09_breakfastEvery once in awhile it is good to have special days. Days where you allow yourself to go out to eat at a restaurant or to splurge and have a special dessert. Weight Watchers allows for days like these with an extra 25 points each week over and above your daily allotment of points. Today was one of those days for me. My Mom and I had a girls day.

I had breakfast at home. Today it was a quick bowl of oatmeal. It was the instant kind that comes in packets and you microwave. Not a bad way to spend 2 points.

I took my Mom out to my favorite restaurant for lunch. It’s a Greek style restaurant that I’ve been visiting since I was a teen. I ordered Chicken Souvlaki. It was delicious!


Cubed chicken on a skewer, marinated in a mixture of Greek herbs and spices. Served on a large plate with rice pilaf and a Greek salad. I only ate half of this and had the rest boxed up so I could take it home and eat it later. (or give it to one of my family)

My Mom and I saw the new movie Julia & Julia. Awesome film! I’ll definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD. After the movie we got some shopping done. Tomorrow I will have to post a picture of me in the new outfit I bought.

We also went out for Dinner. I ordered a soup and salad. We had such a great time together. I didn’t end up getting home till about 9 p.m. My family missed me but were glad I had a great day. We all need a special day every once in awhile.

My Daily Points Target = 32
Total points spent = 29
Breakfast: Oatmeal = 2 points
Lunch: half an order of Chicken Souvlaki = 10 points
Coffee with cream and sugar = 4 points
Dinner: cream of broccoli soup, a side salad and a biscuit = 9 points
Coffee with cream and sugar = 4 points


An Unusual Saturday

September 12, 2009

I had an unusual start to my day today. First off, two of my kids are gone for the weekend. I only had my middle son, age 12, home with me today. Secondly, today was my last homeschooling class and it started at 8 a.m. this morning. I was able to wake up and only worry about myself since my parents were helping me out with my son who was home. That was an odd feeling, pretty neat but very unusual to wake up and only have to take care of myself.


I had a quick breakfast of yogurt and a sliced banana before I left the house for my class. I also added a scoop of Super Seed to it.

  • yogurt = 4 points
  • banana = 2 points
  • Super Seed = 1 point

Total = 7 points


I went to a few garage sales after my class. I was able to pick up a pretty cool globe for $3. I was happy about that.

I got home around 1 p.m. and made lunch for my middle son and my hubby who had gotten home from work about the same time I arrived. I threw together a rice and bean burrito with stuff from my fridge and pantry. My son had finished over 2/3 of his when he looks at me with a disgusted look and announces “You put tomato in this!” I had to laugh. He chose not to finish the rest of his.

  • flour tortilla = 4 points
  • rice and bean mixture = 4 points
  • diced tomatoes = 0 points
  • a pinch of grated cheese = 2 points

Total = 10 points

Special Ops Mission Week 7

September 12, 2009

ofb7 I joined Operation Fat Blaster this week. What a GREAT source of support and motivation! One of the things that they do is host a Special Ops Mission each week. They are on week 7 already but you can jump in at anytime.

This weeks mission is to give yourself a progress report on the goals you set for yourself back at the beginning. If you are a newbie like myself then your mission is to create a blog post with your goals and action steps on how you plan to achieve your goals.


  • To not give up on loosing weight.
  • To be more active and to sweat more.

Action Steps

  • I’m going to journal and blog everything I eat each day.
  • I’m going to relies I am not perfect and to forgive myself of mistakes I make along the way.
  • I’m going to use my gym membership and I’m going to do more active activities with my family. example: I want to take the kids ice skating. I want to go rollerblading with them.

Peanut Butter and Challenges

September 11, 2009

I try to wake up each morning at 6:30 am. The last few nights though I’ve stayed up too late and my wake up times have been slowly inching up. The crazy thing is that my boys who normally sleep in till after 11 am (if I let them) have been getting themselves up early this week. Today my oldest son woke me up at 7:30 a.m. hoping to check his email and facebook. (Our upstairs computer is in my bedroom.) I missed out on my precious quiet time this morning. Two hours of alone time really helps get my day started on the right foot.


I was not very inspired for breakfast today. I whipped up some scrambled eggs and grabbed a banana from the bunches sitting on my counter.

~ 2 eggs, scrambled = 4 pts.

~ one banana = 2 pts.

Total = 6 pts.

I’ve been doing great the last few days getting back on program and eating the way I should. Now I really need to get back on track with my exercise. I paid for a one year gym membership I should at least get my moneys worth. This weekend is not looking good for any gym time. I have two more homeschool classes to finish up, Friday and Saturday, and then I get my certificate. I am thinking Monday I should hit the gym. Yup, I’ve decided, Monday it is. I challenge myself to go to the gym on Monday. I’ll reward myself with another star if i do it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I just found a pretty cool challenge I’d like to participate in. Operation Fat Blaster is hosting The Biggest Loser: OFB Style! I signed up for Most Miles Walked and for Weight Loss. It’s the perfect challenge to get me motivated about exercising again.


Peanut butter is heavenly. I know I’d probably fail any diet that made me give up peanut butter all together. Another aspect of the Weight Watcher’s program that I love is that it teaches you how to eat ANYTHING in moderation. Lunch today was a peanut butter and raisin sandwich.

  • slice of bread = 2 points
  • 1/4 cup of raisins = 2 points
  • 1 Tbsp. peanut butter = 2.5 points

Total = 6.5 points


For dinner I made chicken and biscuits and then ended my evening with 1 cup of ice cream.

My Daily Points Target = 32
Total points spent = 27.5
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and a banana = 6 points
Lunch: peanut butter and raisin sandwich = 6.5 points
Dinner: chicken and biscuits = 9pts.
snack: 1 cup ice cream = 6pts.