An Unusual Saturday

September 12, 2009

I had an unusual start to my day today. First off, two of my kids are gone for the weekend. I only had my middle son, age 12, home with me today. Secondly, today was my last homeschooling class and it started at 8 a.m. this morning. I was able to wake up and only worry about myself since my parents were helping me out with my son who was home. That was an odd feeling, pretty neat but very unusual to wake up and only have to take care of myself.


I had a quick breakfast of yogurt and a sliced banana before I left the house for my class. I also added a scoop of Super Seed to it.

  • yogurt = 4 points
  • banana = 2 points
  • Super Seed = 1 point

Total = 7 points


I went to a few garage sales after my class. I was able to pick up a pretty cool globe for $3. I was happy about that.

I got home around 1 p.m. and made lunch for my middle son and my hubby who had gotten home from work about the same time I arrived. I threw together a rice and bean burrito with stuff from my fridge and pantry. My son had finished over 2/3 of his when he looks at me with a disgusted look and announces “You put tomato in this!” I had to laugh. He chose not to finish the rest of his.

  • flour tortilla = 4 points
  • rice and bean mixture = 4 points
  • diced tomatoes = 0 points
  • a pinch of grated cheese = 2 points

Total = 10 points


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