August 17, 2009

Already I’ve broken my goals for this week. We had a movie night and then the next evening a poker night. There was cookies and chips and pop and pizza…. I had no self control. I’m feeling pretty discouraged today. I am wondering what happened to the resolve I had a few months ago to loose weight. I want to know how I can regain it.


Day 20 July 15, 2009 (Blogging this a little past midnight. I need to get to bed!)


Food Units
1 small pancake and an apple. 5
pizza 18
popcorn. 9
Total: 32

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

My day started off great. I had a nice breakfast, the sun was shinning and I was in a pretty good mood. I had plans to spend the afternoon with my sister and her friend from work. Since I had broken my toe we decided to spend the day at her friend’s house so that I didn’t have to do much walking. I had a really good time.  At first I was a little anxious about getting together with them since this would be the first time meeting her coworker, but we all hit it off really well. We spent the whole day chatting and before I knew it it was passed dinner time.

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I could tell I was starting to get a little cranky and very tired. I knew I needed food. We also needed groceries. (I know, not very good planning on my part.) So after getting home I immediately turned around and went to the store for food. Shopping when your hungry is a horrible idea. Everything was tempting me! Iced animal cookies, breakfast bars, pizza, oh and the deli food smelled so good. I am happy to report I didn’t give in to my cravings but it was hard. Well let me rephrase that…I did choose a quick pizza for dinner but I made sure I had the points for it.

From now on I need to plan my meals better so as not to let myself get like this again.