Counting My Blessings

September 15, 2009

I had a complete break down today. It’s getting close to my time of the month, I’m hormonal and just feeling like I can’t deal with the pressures of my day. I cried. It felt really good to cry. I threw the schedule out the window today and just took my day easy. When my dear hubby came home he allowed me to take a nap for a couple hours. While I was sleeping he went out and got a pizza for dinner. Today was definitely a good day to not have to cook. It was a good day for pizza. I have such a great supportive family. I’m truly blessed.

9-15-09_breakfast 9-15-09_dinner

My Daily Points Target = 32
Total points spent = 32
Breakfast:  1/4 cantaloupe and toast with jam = 4 points
Lunch: = 0 points
Dinner: pizza = 28 points (I think)



An Unusual Saturday

September 12, 2009

I had an unusual start to my day today. First off, two of my kids are gone for the weekend. I only had my middle son, age 12, home with me today. Secondly, today was my last homeschooling class and it started at 8 a.m. this morning. I was able to wake up and only worry about myself since my parents were helping me out with my son who was home. That was an odd feeling, pretty neat but very unusual to wake up and only have to take care of myself.


I had a quick breakfast of yogurt and a sliced banana before I left the house for my class. I also added a scoop of Super Seed to it.

  • yogurt = 4 points
  • banana = 2 points
  • Super Seed = 1 point

Total = 7 points


I went to a few garage sales after my class. I was able to pick up a pretty cool globe for $3. I was happy about that.

I got home around 1 p.m. and made lunch for my middle son and my hubby who had gotten home from work about the same time I arrived. I threw together a rice and bean burrito with stuff from my fridge and pantry. My son had finished over 2/3 of his when he looks at me with a disgusted look and announces “You put tomato in this!” I had to laugh. He chose not to finish the rest of his.

  • flour tortilla = 4 points
  • rice and bean mixture = 4 points
  • diced tomatoes = 0 points
  • a pinch of grated cheese = 2 points

Total = 10 points

Mental Prep

September 10, 2009

Today was a day of prayer and fasting for me. I skipped breakfast and lunch. My points will be low today for that reason.

My oldest and youngest sons have practice tonight at 4:30 and will have practice each Thursday now until the spring. Thursdays will need to be an early dinner night for our family. I’m going to need to prepare well for Thursdays. I’m the type of person that needs to plan ahead in order to be successful. If I didn’t plan ahead we would be eating out every night.


For dinner tonight I grabbed an old Hamburger Helper box that has been in my pantry forever. It was a huge 6 points for a one cup serving but it was fast.


I also served a 2 point side salad with dinner that had:

  • Romain lettuce,
  • carrot slices,
  • tomato wedges,
  • grated cheese
  • and a little ranch dressing

My hubby and middle son are walking to the store together as I type this. They are going to rent a movie for the three of us to watch tonight and they are also picking up some snacks. I told them to pick me up something small. I suggested a sorbet but Hubby thought it would melt on the walk. We will have to see what they get me but I’m mentally preparing myself right now to eat in moderation whatever it is. I’m not going to eat a whole package of cookies!

My Daily Points Target = 32
Total points spent = 14
Breakfast: = 0 points
Lunch: = 0 points
Dinner: 1cup Hamburger Helper potatoes stroganoff and a side salad = 8pts.
snack: butterfingers crisp bar = 6pts.

See you tomorrow!


Day 21


Food Units
applesauce and strawberries. 3
chicken with almonds lean cuisine. 5
11 tortilla chips with cheese and beans. 6
grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. 10
skinny cow. 3
Total: 27

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I was hungry all day for some odd reason. I had a few more snacks than usual but still remained with in my point range for the day so it’s all good. Eating smaller meals more often helps to boost my metabolism anyway. It’s probably a good habit to start developing.

It was another beautiful sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest.  High temperatures were around 77 °. When C got home from work we packed up the car and took the boys to the park to go swimming. I thought I’d try on an old pair of smaller size shorts to see how they fit. They were still pretty tight but I was excited because last time I tried them on I couldn’t even button them up! Another really exciting thing that happened was in the car. When I pulled my seat belt on I noticed how much more comfortable it is to do that task. Before I had to suck in as much air as I could and let my dear husband help me push the buckle into it’s slot. Today I didn’t struggle with it at all. These little tiny victories are such huge rewards for myself. They motivate me so much to keep going in the direction I am. The direction of a healthier happier me.

Day 17 July 12,2009

July 13, 2009


almond joy cookies = 7

5 slices of medium ham and pineapple pizza = 30-35pts

Let’s just say I went over my points for the day. I was gone all day long. We left the house to take C and our two oldest boys to paintball. We needed gas first so we pulled up to a gas station and C got out and got the gas. After paying for it he came back with snacks for everyone. I hadn’t eaten yet (bad me) so I accepted the package of cookies he got me.

Youngest son and I spent the day together. It was a great day even though it did rain. We went to see Ice Age 3. We also did some exploring in new areas we’ve never been before. We got lost plenty of times but had a blast doing it. I let him choose where we would eat and he was in the mood for pizza.

The day was not very well budgeted or planned. It was spontaneous and fun. I think every now and then a day like that is ok. I just hope the scales agree with me.

Day 16 July 11, 2009

July 12, 2009


Food Units
2 pancakes and 1 cup of grapes. 5
Total: 5

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

My day started out ok with a nice breakfast. Today is C’s birthday and I didn’t plan, budget or journal very well at all. At his party I had 2 tostadas and 2 pieces of cake. Not sure at all how many points that ends up being.

I also broke my little toe yesturday. Ugh! I won’t be getting any activity points for several weeks.

Tomorrow is a new day.