August 17, 2009

Already I’ve broken my goals for this week. We had a movie night and then the next evening a poker night. There was cookies and chips and pop and pizza…. I had no self control. I’m feeling pretty discouraged today. I am wondering what happened to the resolve I had a few months ago to loose weight. I want to know how I can regain it.


Day 17 July 12,2009

July 13, 2009


almond joy cookies = 7

5 slices of medium ham and pineapple pizza = 30-35pts

Let’s just say I went over my points for the day. I was gone all day long. We left the house to take C and our two oldest boys to paintball. We needed gas first so we pulled up to a gas station and C got out and got the gas. After paying for it he came back with snacks for everyone. I hadn’t eaten yet (bad me) so I accepted the package of cookies he got me.

Youngest son and I spent the day together. It was a great day even though it did rain. We went to see Ice Age 3. We also did some exploring in new areas we’ve never been before. We got lost plenty of times but had a blast doing it. I let him choose where we would eat and he was in the mood for pizza.

The day was not very well budgeted or planned. It was spontaneous and fun. I think every now and then a day like that is ok. I just hope the scales agree with me.