Special Ops Mission Week 7

September 12, 2009

ofb7 I joined Operation Fat Blaster this week. What a GREAT source of support and motivation! One of the things that they do is host a Special Ops Mission each week. They are on week 7 already but you can jump in at anytime.

This weeks mission is to give yourself a progress report on the goals you set for yourself back at the beginning. If you are a newbie like myself then your mission is to create a blog post with your goals and action steps on how you plan to achieve your goals.


  • To not give up on loosing weight.
  • To be more active and to sweat more.

Action Steps

  • I’m going to journal and blog everything I eat each day.
  • I’m going to relies I am not perfect and to forgive myself of mistakes I make along the way.
  • I’m going to use my gym membership and I’m going to do more active activities with my family. example: I want to take the kids ice skating. I want to go rollerblading with them.