Day 16 July 11, 2009

July 12, 2009


Food Units
2 pancakes and 1 cup of grapes. 5
Total: 5

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My day started out ok with a nice breakfast. Today is C’s birthday and I didn’t plan, budget or journal very well at all. At his party I had 2 tostadas and 2 pieces of cake. Not sure at all how many points that ends up being.

I also broke my little toe yesturday. Ugh! I won’t be getting any activity points for several weeks.

Tomorrow is a new day.



Food Units
mcdonald’s grilled ckicken salad. 6
hamburger, chips and fruit. 18
lemon pie. 9
Total: 33

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I had a really good morning full of lots of fun productive things. So productive that I didn’t eat breakfast. I really wasn’t that hungry anyway though. Later in the afternoon, after C had gotten home from work, we all went down to the marina to see the 4th of July activities going on. There was live music, face panting, games and lots of food. C and the boys divided a couple bags of cotton candy. We stayed for an hour and instead of paying the crazy booth prices for food we instead drove to McDonalds.

I was so proud of myself. I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I was hungry and had a lot of points so I could of chosen my usual hamburger and fries. I didn’t need them though. If I had desired them I would of allowed myself the pleasure but I really didn’t even crave them. I ordered a salad. Not because I’m on a diet but because a salad actually sounded delicious to me. And it was good. It really did satisfy me. The grilled chicken in it was yummy good.

Later that evening family began to arrive at the house to watch the fireworks. The home we live in has a beautiful view of Bellingham Bay where the city does it’s firework show. We grilled hamburgers for dinner. I had a burger without the cheese, a little bit of chips and a bunch of fruit. I even had points for some pie. mmm it was good pie and even more delicious because I had budgeted my food well for the day.

It was a great day.